Thursday, June 05, 2008

Redang 2008: Part 1

Last Wesak I decided to go to Redang with a few of my buddies for a short break. As usual, I took the Airasia flight from KL (LCCT) to Kuala Terengganu where I then made my way to the Merang jetty about an hour from the airport. Oh, do try the Roti Jala on the in-flight menu. I really liked it and is highly recommended!

From Merang, it was another two hours by boat before we finally sighted the distant silhouettes of Redang Island made famous by that Sammi Cheng-Richie Ren movie "Summer Holiday"

As we approached the island, we could see a few small fishing-type boats anchored near the shore. These were used to transport the holiday-makers to various coral reef sites around the island for snorkelling and swimming.

Finally we arrived at our resort, Pelangi Redang which was situated in the heart of the main stretch of beach, Pantai Panjang.

After checking in our respective rooms, I decided to take a walk by the beach. I soon realised something. It was almost deserted!

Where was everybody? I looked to my left and my right and was hard pressed to find a single soul.

This was really strange, like something out of the Twilight Zone....

Then I realised the reason: it was only 10.00am! Since it's Island-time, everybody would still be asleep! Sure enough, people slowly began to come out of their hibernation and pretty soon, the beach was once again abuzz with activity!

As it was the long weekend, there were many families who took the opportunity to bring their children along for some fun in the sun.

And of course, there were the jokers whose idea of fun was to bury their sleeping friend in the sand in the hot afternoon sun to cook his nuts off....

Luckily the poor guy woke up in time to shake it all off..... oh wait, he actually liked being buried in the sand. Good luck getting all that sand out of ur ass, buddy!

Most of the other people just did the conventional thing: Hit the beach! Woohoo!

This time around, the waves were pretty high, and there were even a few surfers trying to ride the waves!

This couple was just content to stand there and look.... what a waste of a barely-there bikini!

Ah, this fella had the right idea.... why bother getting your hair wet with sea water, or have sand up your butt? What better way to pass a lazy afternoon than lying in a hammock, swayed by the cool sea breeze as the sound of the waves crashing onto shore lull you to sleep....

Life should always be like this.....


M@x said...

I like the last pic. Those should be my slippers in the future :)

Amazonman said...

M@x: Nonid to wait so long. It's available now for RM150 ++ at the Crocs shop. ;)