Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Redang 2008: Part 4

On my final day in Redang, I could not go diving due to the 24 hour 'no-fly-time' to make sure I don't get the bends en flight.

So I could only stand on the beach and watch with envy as divers go out and then resurface with smiles on their faces for having completed yet another rendezvous with the sea.

Later, I chanced upon a kiosk in the resort which offered 'temporary' tattoos using waterproof ink airbrushed onto the skin.

They had lots of designs to choose from, mostly stylised animal shapes like scorpions, snakes, dragons and dolphins. I chose a snake design for my back and a scorpion for my arm.

Nice or not? Hehehe.... For the next week or so, I will have to be careful not to scratch my back and also remember to lie down prone while sleeping.

Here's the scorpion design on my arm. It was supposed to be blue and red but they had run out of blue. So I settled for black and red instead. I think it makes me look 'fierce'. :p

Then, I got talked into having a third one... at a discount, of course!

I chose a lime green gecko for my left leg. Check out the red toes. Cool or what!

All in all, it was a fun way to spend the afternoon, getting all 'decorated' and having a reason to walk around half naked. Ha!

And that was it for my trip to Redang this time around. The diving was just so-so, my camera housing got kinda busted (yay, another reason to go shopping for a new camera....housing) and I got a few tatoos, even if it was only for a week. :)


Friggindildo said... got so many tats! And I have only one so far...and well, it isn't permanent though. tee hee hee! :-d

Anonymous said...

You are HOT!