Sunday, June 01, 2008

A Day At The Zoo

A couple of friends came down to Melaka this weekend for a visit and I took them to the famous Melaka Zoo, arguably the best zoo in the country.

Melaka Zoo is the second largest in Malaysia (after Zoo Negara in KL) and contains over 1200 animals of over 200 species within its 54-acre land area.

One of the more popular exhibits was the pair of orang-utans, Moochie and BB (I forgot their given names so I made up new ones!)

Moochie seemed very animated and almost human-like in her mannerisms. She loved the attention and very willingly posed for pictures.

Her bf, BB was a bit more defensive and actually stood on his legs and hollered out loud when the flash from someone's camera went off in his face.

This is my first sighting of a porcupine, complete with the spikes on its back. Although its name is derived from a French word meaning 'thorny pig', it's actually a type of rodent (like the rat).

This is the Malayan Sun Bear. In Malay, it's called Beruang Madu or Honey Bear. Erm... suddenly Winnie the Pooh comes to mind.

"You must have patience, oh young padawan..." said the wise old baboon to his young red-butted apprentice. ;)

At the northern corner of the zoo is a lake that separates the zoo from a golf course. In that lake, there were many different types of water fowl and golf balls.

A flock of flamingos were busy preening while standing effortlessly on one leg. Showoff!

As we were about to leave the park, we spotted a pair of parrots 'calling' out to us.

Then, as I was getting ready to take a shot of them, they decided to give us an R-rated performance. I have always wondered how birds kiss. Now I know!

Ok, show's over. Time to take a bow!


Josh said...

Wow, beautiful shots bro. I'd never been there but had heard a lot about it. My brother is in Melaka, maybe I should visit him and drop by at this place.

Amazonman said...

Thanks Josh. Yeah, u should! You'll have a field day there with ur camera.