Friday, June 13, 2008

Redang 2008: Part 3

I had some problems with my camera while underwater. Well, actually I had problems with the underwater casing. Some of the buttons wouldn't respond accordingly and I spent half the time just pressing the macro button like a crazy monkey on its first beetle of the day.

When I finally got it to go macro, the white balance button got jammed up pulak! DANG!

Hence the relatively few and poor quality of pix this time around. Solly lah. Asther, kasi chan ah. ;)

In any case, the poor visibility during most of the dives, coupled with the storng and unpredictable current made it all the more difficult to keep focus and get steady shots of anything animate. So... sponges, anyone?

I went back to Sandy Bottom again to find more qierd creatures I may have missed last year like this scorpion fish that doesn't swim. It walks!

The DM had really sharp eyes to spot this flatworm just lying erm.. flatly on the sand.

This is not a snake, its a pipefish. Sorry bout the green, forgot to switch on the flash / strobe light.

I took about 30 shots of this teeny tiny ... something... perched onto the whip coral. Asther?

Here's the Mrs Pipefish that we spotted swimming not far from the grey one.

Ooh... a new kind of nudibranch. Asther?

Another hermit crab wearing a 'Private Benjamin' type of hat.

The prerequisite shot of Nemo!

This is what they call a table coral. It was really big, about 10 feet across.

Up close, the surface looked like a 3 day beard growth on Nan's chin.... ;)... or on Crew's scalp....

A pair of very shy red feather stars trying to appear as inconspicuous as possible.

When I finally managed to get the camera and its housing to work, all the fishes had gone away.... sigh....

SO, what to do? Take pics of my dive buddy for the dive lor.... Meet Gregory, divemaster extraordinaire!

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astherlau said...

Hehehe... ur pics still not bad lar. ;P How deep were u when the buttons jammed up?

The scorpionfish is a devil-scorpionfish. It has very colorful back fins.

The teeny tiny thing I believe is a little shrimp. Can't really tell wat species as I don't have a book about shrimps like the one I had of nudibranches. Heheh...

Wow... i like dat "new" flatworm. Dono wat species ler. Sorry...